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Jim Green

Barefoot African Trooper Boots – Houston Black

Barefoot African Trooper Boots – Houston Black

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What size am I?

  • Stand vertically on a piece of paper and trace your feet. Then measure the maximum length in cm and determine your UK size
  • Please do not add anything to this. Yes, your foot needs some space because the foot moves in the shoe as it rolls. This has already been taken into account in the table when converting.
  • If you have wide feet, you don't need to add anything, as almost all Jim Green shoes are already wide. Wide width EE (almost all Jim Green models). Normal width D (e.g. Shoellie, Baobab, Numzaan) .
  • Please call us if you have any doubts. Shop with peace of mind as you can exchange your size at any time.

Your foot length measured in cm

UK size

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US size





























































30.50 12.5 47.9 13.5
31.00 13 48.5 14
31.50 14 49.5 15

Sole options

JG Sole – This sole is our lug version and is designed for grip. It's made from real rubber and feels firm to provide stability underfoot. The JG Natural Rubber option is softer but still offers the same properties. Best suited for loose gravel surfaces, rocky terrain, uneven terrain and challenging landscapes.

OR Sole – This sole is designed for a combination of grip, comfort and speed. This is made of real rubber and offers a softer feel for more walking comfort. Best suited for sandy areas, longer days on feet, quick hikes, urban areas. A great, lightweight hiker.

BR Sole – Our all-rounder option, this sole is designed for durability in the city and outdoors. It is made of real natural rubber and has a firm grip to provide stability under the foot. Ideal for days between the office and outdoors.

FA Sole – Our lightweight comfort option, this sole is designed for comfort and a sleeker look. It is made of real rubber and has a softer feel for comfort. Best suited for casual days in the city or light walks or camping trips

KH Sole – This sole is designed not to absorb mud and dirt during your daily activities, hence its “Flay” design. It's made from real rubber and feels firm to provide stability underfoot. Best suited for muddy soils or sandy areas.

Shoe care process

Step 1) First remove the loose dirt with a
dry brush.

Step 2) Use an old toothbrush that is less abrasive to clean the hard-to-reach areas and seams

Step 3) Apply saddle soap in circular motions with a damp brush or sponge. Carefully rinse off the soap without soaking the shoe and wipe it with a dry cloth.

Step 4) Allow the shoe to dry in a ventilated place for at least two days. Not near a heater.

Step 5) After the boot is clean, it's time to care for the leather. Use beeswax to maintain the water-repellent properties of the leather and to create a silky shine (only after brushing). At first the leather will be dark, but after about 3 days, as the polish absorbs and dries, it will gradually lighten.

A natural leather balm nourishes the leather equally,
However, not as water-repellent as with beeswax. The advantage, however, is that the leather does not darken as much.

For our suede options repeat Steps 1
to 2 and then select one of the following two options:

Option 1) If you prefer a lighter look and want to preserve the rough texture of the suede, we recommend using a suede cleaner and/or waterproofing spray.

Option 2) If you prefer a darker look, use beeswax or a leather balm. First, the leather becomes very dark with beeswax and dark with leather balm. After a few days it will become a little lighter as the polish absorbs and dries.

Please note that with this option the leather is smoothed, but the water-repellent properties of the leather are increased.

Do steps 3 and 4 and 5.

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The Barefoot Trooper Boot: Comfort meets robust durability

Introducing the new Barefoot Trooper boot, a collaboration between Jim Green Footwear and Rose Anvil. A newly developed boot that combines the natural movement and comfort of barefoot footwear with the added support, protection and versatility required for demanding outdoor activities. This collaboration not only combines the history of Jim Green and the knowledge of Rose Anvil, but also the traditions of American and South African bootmaking techniques.

The Barefoot African Trooper boot combines the natural comfort of barefoot shoes with the durability essential for everyday tasks in demanding environments. Its rugged design and high ankle support provide the protection needed, while the flexible sole and roomy toe area allow your feet to move naturally and comfortably.

The flexible sole mimics the natural movement of your foot, offering a new level of comfort and freedom, while the thin soles enhance the natural ground feel and give you more grip and control. The spacious toe area ensures that your toes can spread naturally, reducing discomfort and providing more stability.

  • Made from a single layer of leather ( 2.3 mm nubuck leather ).
  • 8-inch height for excellent grip, comfort and protection.
  • The Anvil sole is designed to mimic the feeling of running barefoot on any terrain while giving you extra grip and protection.
  • The integrated heel stiffener serves to support and protect the ankle.
  • A fully gusseted tongue .
  • Made with a genuine leather toe cap .
  • A 3mm thick leather midsole for added comfort, flexibility and feel underfoot.
  • With leather half sock lining for additional heel cushioning.
  • The leather midsole is attached to the upper with a 360 degree double stitched, braided 2.2 mm nylon cord.
  • Like all our boots , these can be resoled due to their double seam construction .
  • Last: Zero Drop (This provides a wide fit and extra space that allows for a more natural barefoot experience) E EE-Wide, wide, unstructured toe box
  • Laces: 175cm
  • Weight: 1.33 kg (size 8 US)
  • 100% made in South Africa.
  • Runs relatively large . If you are between two sizes, take the smaller



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