What size am I?

jim green shoes run large. In comparison to Jim Green South Africa & USA, we have adapted our table in Europe and have already deducted approximately a whole size compared to SA & USA in order to avoid returns.

If you know your foot length in cm, compare it with our table. You don't need to add or subtract anything anymore.

1. Measure your foot length in cm.

To do this, take a piece of paper. Stand on it barefoot and trace the outline. Then measure your foot length in cm at the longest point. Done and read your size from this table.

foot length in cm
UK size
25 cm 6.0
25.5 cm 6.5
26 cm 7.0
26.5 cm 7.5
27 cm 8.0
27.5 cm 8.5
28 cm 9.0
28.5 cm 9.5
29 cm 10.0
29.5 cm 10.5
30 cm 11.0
30.5 cm 11.5
31 cm 12
31.5 cm 12.5
32 cm 13
33 cm 14


2. Brannock

Measure your foot length with a Brannock device and subtract 1 size. Example: Measured Brannock UK11 you need Jim Green UK10. Jim Green runs big!


3. A few more notes:

The insoles in our shoes are removable so fit and comfort can be adjusted with a thinner or thicker option. If you need orthopedic insoles, we recommend going half a size larger.

The toe cap on most Jim Green models corresponds to an EE width and is therefore pleasantly wide. That's why you usually don't need to add half the size.

If you are still unsure and have questions, please feel free to contact me personally, by phone during opening hours, or by email, as this usually takes a little longer. I'm happy to help.

Stephen Chauchoy