About Jim Green


Along the river edges in this area lives a sneaky little frog known to locals as "Jim Green". This frog is a popular snack for the waiting fish.
The frog is not only used by questionable fishermen to make a successful catch, but is also the hero that puts on every one of our boots.


In 1992, Jim Green Shoes was born from a simple backyard garage with the intention of making shoes that were durable, long-lasting and affordable. It didn't take long for Jim Green to gain a reputation and live up to his name: tough and resilient, he is becoming a household name throughout South Africa.


Not only is Jim Green handcrafted in South Africa, but all components are sourced locally. This saves travel distances and is sustainable.
Given the ever-increasing unemployment rate in South Africa, it is also important to us to support the local people and economy.
We are a family company. Our factory is run ethically and we are proud to offer you the best value for money shoes while living up to our name. In Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Jim Green boots have been made the same way since day one.


Jim Green is now one of South Africa's most popular adventure and work footwear brands worn by companies large and small.
A local favorite among rangers, farmers and hikers.
We have always made durable, comfortable shoes that are known and respected by many for their "never say die" attitude. No other boot is more versatile, from mountain peaks to factory floors, Jim Green boots are ready for any challenge.