Collection: Hirbawi Kufiya

This Kufiya is made by Hirbawi, the last and only Kufiya manufacturer in Palestine. With your purchase, you are contributing to keeping this factory running and preserving a Palestinian traditional and a national symbol.

Symbol of Struggle for Freedom

Traditionally worn by farmers, the black and white Kufiya became synonymous with the quest for Arab independence from a decades-long colonial rule. In the 1960s, the very same black-and-white pattern, worn by Yasser Arafat, became the symbol of the Palestinian liberation struggle and soon turned into a means to convey the Palestinian message to the world: their wish and thirst for freedom.

Plagued by Popularity

Nowadays, the Kufiya is more than a Palestinian emblem. It has become a controversial fashion item worn by rappers, political activists, artists and designers around the world. But ironically, the scarves sold in Europe or in Jerusalem and Bethlehem souvenir shops are not made in Palestine. The fame of the Kufiya, symbol of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, has hit hard the local traditional weavers who could not compete with the cheap and low-quality scarves made in China and India.

The Only Original Kufiya

One single traditional weaver is still in business. Hirbawi, who once employed 25 workers taking shifts for almost 20 hours a day is producing today half the quantity he did two decades ago. Hirbawi, together with, adds a colorful twist to the traditional look to meet the demand of ethically aware consumers who are interested in both a fashion garment and responsible consumption.

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