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An exclusive connection to Italian artisans for more meaningful buying.


Starting in 2014 out of a family workshop in Como, Italy, 40 Colori aim to provide you with a direct connection to Italian artisans for more meaningful buying. the smart menswear and accessories are exclusively crafted in Italy for you with quality, durability, and sustainability in mind.

To make the brand vision a reality and ensure that strict production standards are respected, 40 Colori scouted around Italy for responsible skilled craftsmen that share the same vision and approach. Thankfully, it did not took too long as 40 Colori  is blessed to be neighbors with many artigiani, small-scale producers that have been masters of their crafts over multiple generations.

Today, 40 Colori manufacture all clothing and accessories in these small workshops, where skilled artisans use the same techniques passed down by their fathers and grandfathers to hand craft impeccable garments. Together with an own family-owned facility where the adventure started, 40 Coloir partnered with 8 other artisanal workshops all located at the center of very specialized artisanal districts.

Their retail shop is located on London.

30 Lamb's Conduit Street
Bloomsbury, London

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