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Growing up in a charming, small beach town in Southern California, blessed with world-renowned point breaks and seaside racetracks, where the remnants of the once-thriving oil industry still linger.

After years of industry experience, the founders decided to start anew and break free from the disposable and low-quality products that flooded the market.  IRON & RESIN offers an exclusive collection of hand-built goods that reflect the founders' unique lifestyles and experiences.

IRON & RESIN a small brand, more diminutive than most people realize, but this gives the freedom to challenge the status quo and do things their way. They are not afraid to take risks, and even though they may encounter setbacks, the passion for what they do keeps them moving forward.

So, let's not allow the naysayers to bring us down. We are IRON & RESIN, and we will continue to produce exciting and high-quality products that inspire and excite.


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