First I want to thank you guys for making the best South African footwear available on the market. I bought my first pair of shoes in 2002, and they lasted until 2013. In December 2013 I got a pair of Razor boots as a gift, I wear these boots daily, as they are very comfortable, and do not make my feet smell. I really enjoy Jim Green’s ranger of footwear.

To whom it may concern,
This is just aquick note to say a very big Thank You.
My husband has worn Jim Green boots as work shoes for many years now. As part of his job he is in and out of the kitchen during the day and likes your boots for their nice thick non slip rubber soles.
On Saturday morning 17 July 2010, he was assisting the Chef in tracing a water leak on the baine marie in the kitchen – when he inadvertently touched an exposed wire (380 volts later). The electricity grabbed hold of him with such a force that it pulled him under the machine. Long story short – he got out and has walked away with a slightly burnt hand and one or two cuts and grazes – when the Doctor saw him, he could not believe that he had walked away virtually unharmed and can only attribute his lucky escape to the boots he was wearing.
So this is just to say a very Big Thank You and keep up the good work.
Kind Regards
Bruce and Jacqui Botesa

Dear Sir or Madam,
When I was in SA some years ago some years ago I bought 2 pairs of your footwear: Razorback Boot and Bantam Shoe.
While the Razorbacks still are the best shoes ever for hiking in the German mountains, even up to 4000m in the Alpes. I´m very fond of these shoes, I will buy them a second time.

Good morning,
I have a pair of your stockman boots which I bought about 15 years ago, have had them re-soled and am still wearing them…..! Thank you.

Good day,
About 11 years ago my husband obtained a pair of safety shoes/boots from you. My husband is quite large and shoes don’t normally last with him.
The shoes/boots have lasted all this time. He wears the boots every week.
Thank you.
(Congratulations on an excellent product)

Good day.
I have a pair of Jim Greens (bought in 200-whatever, I think 2002/3) which I dearly love. It’s been on 4 of SA’s biggest trails with me, among others. But, on a silly day hike in Dec, the sole started to pull loose and eventually came almost all the way off.
I don’t really want to buy anything else, my Jim Greens and I have a fabulous relationship (and they have sentimental value). ?
Kind regards,

After about ten years of service and three resoles, my Stockman boots (STD) are due for replacement.
Ps just a word of thanks for the best boots I have ever owned! I look forward to your current product!
Hi there, I have a set of Razorbacks that are now well worn after 10 years of awesome service. The soles are almost gone and in dire need of replacement. Could you advise how best I can get them back to working condition? I have heard that you do offer repair services.
Thanks in advance

Good Day Gareth
I hereby would like to thank you for the good quality of shoes that you manufacture. For the past 16 years I am only wearing Jim Greens and this will be my third pair of hiking boots. My wife and three children also have a pair of Jim Greens and those boots have never let us down on a hiking trail.

Herewith I would just like to give a big thank you to crouch footwear. I purchased a pair of Jim Green boots from you and was well impressed with the whole online purchase experience. I am not a computer fundi and was a bit apprehensive about making a purchase, but all went very well and the boot is fantastic, cherry on top for the half sizing. I have shied away from making a store purchase as they do not carry half sizes. Seeing your webpage and the half size options convinced me to buy the boots, they fit like a glove. I have not had that experience for a while in footwear. Thank you again.
Kind regards.

Hi Gareth,
Thank you very much.
I bought my first pair of razorback boots in 1995 and have been wearing razorbacks ever since.
Thanks for a great product.
Kind regards
Dear Jim Green,
Thanks for the awesome boots. I’ve been wearing them for 12 years and I’m an archaeologist, so they get used properly!

Hi Peter,
I have been using Jim Green footwear since 2003 and I have gone through 2 pairs of boots thus far. In my opinion nothing comes close to having a comfortable pair of boots that one can use to walk for kilometres on site without getting any aches and pains.
Thank you for your assistance.
Kind regards

Thanks for the mail and feedback appreciated your service they are the best shoes ever.


Dear Peter
Received my boots shortly after we spoke. They’re great and I can see myself wearing them for everyday use as well.
Thanks and I will point others your way.
Derek – (Plumstead)

Hi Peter,
Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the prompt delivery of the Monster Waterproof boots that I ordered in November 2003. They arrived practically overnight, and fit like a glove. There was really no need to wear them in much, and all I did was clean them a few times with water and Nikwax waterproofing, and they’re really comfortable.
Secondly, I thought I should report back on my recent trip to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania where the boots obviously played a major role.
From December 21st to December 27th 2003, a group of friends and I climbed to the top of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m). A lot of thought and preparation went into the planning for the trip. Many people think that Kilimanjaro is really only a glorified walk up Table Mountain, and while it is possible to climb Kilimanjaro in under 4 days with minimal training and equipment, this is only possible in the ideal season, and with an immense amount of good luck.
For us, we had no choice but to climb during the small rain season in December. This meant that we were likely to meet snow, ice, wind, rain, and mud. Warmth and waterproofing were of paramount importance as we expected daytime temperatures of around 10C, and nighttime temperatures well below that.
I must admit that my heart was never really in the climb from the beginning. I am not a keen hiker or climber, but it was the realization of a lifelong dream of my girlfriend, and our four friends are avid hikers who were very keen on summitting Africa’s highest peak. I knew I needed a pair of good boots for the trip, and I was advised by my party that I should spend huge amounts of money on European or American boots. I wasn’t prepared to do this, and I looked around for a decent boot, at a decent price. I finally settled on the Monster Waterproof boots, and figured that they would probably be up to the task at hand, and in any case, I wasn’t really expecting to summit. My friends looked at the boots, saw that they didn’t have one of the well recognized brand names on them, politely smiled in that patronizing / kindly way that you smile at the village idiot, and said very little about them.
Well, I can assure you that my Jim Green boots were every bit as tough, waterproof, comfortable, durable, and dry as any of the others’ boots. My girlfriends Italian boots cost three times my Jim Greens, and I cannot see any difference in performance between the two pairs. During the day our boots were covered in thick mud, or constantly wet, and at night they were allowed to dry a bit under the flap of a tent out of the rain. Every day I wore a pair of thin synthetic inner socks with a pair of thicker Falke TK-2 socks over them. Only on the final day were my feet cold at all, and by all accounts, my feet were warmer than any other climber in leather boots. The temperature at the summit was -12C with a howling wind, and the climbers with GoreTex type boots really suffered from the cold.
The locking eyelets in the middle of the boot are ideal for tightening the laces around the foot for the descent, while allowing movement in the ankle and calf. The descent from the crater rim is actually far more taxing on your feet than the ascent, and a good pair of boots is critical.
My friends agreed that climbing Kilimanjaro was the most unpleasant and taxing endeavour they had ever undertaken (they have done crazy things like The London Marathon, cycled the entire length of the UK in 11 days, done Iron Man events etc.) and I completely agree with them. I learned a heck of a lot of hard lessons about equipment in harsh conditions during that week, and if I were to do the trip again, (I can’t think of any good reason or amount of money that would make me do it again though) I would make many changes to the equipment inventory. My choice of boots however, is in no doubt.
My analysis:
I didn’t develop a single blister, even after 8-9 hour hikes.
My feet were as warm, dry, and comfortable as anyone else’s
My boots cost at least one third of the other’s
During the whole trip my boots were the last thing on my mind. (That’s exactly the way it should be)
Three days after arriving back from Tanzania, my boots are clean again, and I’m wearing them for daily use.
If you’re nuts enough to try the climb yourself, get a pair of Jim Green boots.
I would certainly not hesitate to buy another pair of Jim Green boots or shoes in the future.
Marc Lurie – Johannesburg
Dear Peter
I would like to thank you for the efficient service I received when ordering my pair of Jim Green Boots. My husband and I have always been Jim Green fans and have had our boots for about 8 years now. With all the walking, they look worse for wear, but are still the most comfortable boots yet. My husband needed a new pair of boots for work and we have searched all over Cape Town looking for a comfortable pair and have had our names on various shop’s ordering list for about 3 weeks now.
We could not believe the service we received from your company and, within 3 days, received his boots (which, by the way, fit like a glove). Thank you, it’s not often you get service like this in today’s time.
Jill – (Somerset West)

Hi Gareth, I received my Razorback
Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for all your efforts to get the boots to my parents in
time, they are a perfect fit and I think I will break them in quite easily.
The only problem now is parting with my old Jim Greens I bought in 1997.
Regards from New Zealand.

Hi Gareth, I received my Razorbacks beautifully resoled.
I am so impressed by your service and quality, well done!

Hi Gareth and Peter,
I am a ranger in the Kruger national park. I have been wearing Jim Greens for well over 20years and I swear by them. It’s all I wear.
I retired my first pair about a year ago after being re soled and patched up numerous times.
My second pair unfortunately let me down about a week ago, 5km into a 40km, 4day back pack trail along the Olifants River. The left boot cracked across the sole and started to give me a blister under the ball of my big toe. I knew there was a problem because I NEVER get blisters from my razor backs and I have walked a million miles in them. I ended up walking the rest of the trail in a pair of crocks!!! That has got to be a first!
My third pair of razor backs I got about 3 years ago and they are still going strong. They are elephant leather razor backs and I love them.
Hope to hear from u soon.
Many thanks,

I am advertising your boots all over they are the best.
Thanks Gareth, much appreciated. My last pair are finally packing up after 5 years of hard graft!

Dear Gareth
I have recently returned from a 90km walk through the Fish River Canyon.
I collected my Monster boots from Joburg on the Thursday, set off on the Saturday and relished in the walk. Not one blister, not one complaint. The boots were waterproof, solid grip and the expanse of sole helped not to sink into the desert sand too much.
My thanks and congratulations on a well put together product. I tried to do as much advertising as possible!
The soles should last till the next century.
I hope this finds you well.
Many thanks
I bought my first boots five years ago, I am
In need of new soles eventually!
Kind regards

I have been selling land in the Hout Bay valley for the last 27 years…. it is an area surrounded by pretty rugged mountains. Many of the developments I have marketed stretch up to the 152m contour slopes ….my Jim Green boots have never let me down!
Many of my clients have asked me about my boots….I have no problem telling them all about them and where I got them from
I certainly do not regret the day I walked into a small shoe store in Noordhoek and spent R550 (Which was a huge amount back then).
Kind regards….keep up the good work!

This is my third pair I’m buying from you and intend to buy another. Both the previous pairs lasted 7 years each, I do big five trails in Kruger park and surrounding private game reserves.
I don’t buy any other brands and therefore the right shoe is vital to me.
Thx to you and the team for delivering the shoes in such a short time (even though the website say 7 days) —it was delivered in 2 days
Again thx so much –I will definitely purchase another pair very soon
Good day. I bought a pair of Stockman STD is 1998 in Colesberg from a shop that belonged to a friend.
I had them for all these years and I still wear them.
Many thanks