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There are many companies that have chosen to specialize in one category instead of offering a wide range of "good" options. Code of Bell is one such brand.
Code of Bell is a small innovative brand from LA that has redefined what an expandable bag can be. With their first successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2017, Code of Bell introduced the X-Pak, their vision of a well-organized, comfortable, expandable sling that could be a true alternative to a backpack.

At its initial launch, Shiro felt it would be too flashy to start with a smaller bag, so X-PAK was still capable of carrying a laptop. With this second iteration, Code of Bell has the opportunity to iterate and improve, convincing the audience to reimagine what an EDC bag is and what size they really need to carry their daily essentials.

Code of Bell was directly inspired by the growing demand for nostalgic fanny packs and messenger bags and launched its business on crowdfunding platforms, where it quickly rose to the top of the leaderboard. The brand decided to focus on developing and perfecting small EDC solutions - small bags and compact backpacks that prioritize efficiency over capacity - built exceptionally well and with some of the most advanced materials and features. In fact, many of their current offerings are so popular that they're having a hard time keeping them on the shelves.

The X-POD launched on October 1, 2018, and is the smallest bag Code of Bell has offered to date. The X-POD is all about flexibility and customizing it to your own needs and style. For starters, the bag can be comfortably worn in a variety of styles. You can wear it on your back in classic sling style, at your waist in the back or front, or even across your chest. The main strap has two adjustment points that allow you to change the position of each half of the buckle, giving you incredible flexibility in positioning the bag on your body.

Code of Bell believes that most people don't need large backpacks or shoulder bags because they don't carry that many things around. What do you really take with you when you're out on the town, visiting the folk festival or walking the streets of Munich on an extended vacation? Phone, cash, water, mints, earplugs and sunglasses? You get the idea. You have very little with you.

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