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Carré Royal team is passionate about finding timeless materials ; traditional or innovative ones.

They Collaborate with tanneries that are among the best in the world. Some were founded more than 100 years ago, and have developed an incredible know how. Those tanneries have implemented very rigorous environmental processes.
They also work with makers of traditional fabrics (canvas, Harris Tweed fabrics…). Those partners are located in France, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The materials are selected to last. Especially the leathers are becoming softer, more beautiful as they age and are used. Carre Royal always focus on materials that have a specific touch.

Every tannin has its own unique properties that make each leather produced even more unique. In the purest tradition of vegetable tanneries, Carre Royal mostly use mimosa, Québracho and chestnut barks.
 A test of resilience (Veslics for example) is requested from their partners that guarantee the durability of their creations.

Hence, the collections is intended for connoisseurs willing to discover those unique feels, and to join in this adventure.

Our materials respect strictly the «Reach» norms of the European Union.

We produce in our workshop in France (in Tarn, Région Occitanie in South West of France) and in family owned businesses in Europe. Our packaging is made from recycled papers only. All our products are packed in minimalist grey boxes and we do not use plastic in our supply chain.

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