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A neighborhood of sailors, immigrants, paupers, gambling houses, taverns, drunkards, bribe-takers, and prostitutes: such used to be the reputation, in the latter half of the 19th century, of Bowery Street, a famous New York City thoroughfare commonly known as 'The Bowery' and located near the port, in the heart of Manhattan.

If The Bowery is now a completely redeveloped area, it is thanks to the revival brought about by the opening of fashionable nightclubs from the 1960s onwards by the mixing together of disparate ethnic groups and the crisscrossing of artists and musicians combined to restyle it into the street of trendy jazz, punk, and new wave. Indeed, this is where punk icons such as Patti Smith, Blondie, and Ramones achieved their breakthrough.

The aim of Bowery NYC is to reflect the style that was created in this neighborhood – beginning with a collection of vintage-washed, pre-ripped, pre-dirtied T-shirts with their over-dyed effects.
The graphics have been inspired by objects, shop signs, and icons that have helped turn the neighborhood into the birthplace of a new, distinctive style.

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