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About Blue de Genes


Blue de Genes is a Danish denim label taking its inspiration from the origin of jeans: the history of jeans started in Genoa, Italy, more than 400 years ago.

At that time, the harbor workers in Genoa used a robust fabric called “Geanes fustian”, made of Arab cotton, for working clothes and sailcloth. The material was dyed blue with indigo, very strong and thus well suited for work pants for these hardworking Dockers and sailors.

This fabric was exported to other countries, and eventually known as the Blue from Genoa, or in French "Bleu de Genes" since Genoa at that time belonged to France. The English adaptation of the expression then became “Blue Jeans”.


A sustainable journey



One of the biggest contributors to climate change is fast fashion and for many it has become a challenge to wear a piece of clothing more than five times. The reason: poor quality fabrics and fast shifting trends.


Blue de Genes want to do things differently. They go to work every day with a vision to create products that never go out of style, can be used for a long time and will age beautifully upon wear. Like a pair of dry blue jeans that has been broken in and faded in a special way unique to the wearer. Let’s admit it. Nobody likes the feeling of a pair of stiff dry jeans but the effort is worth it when you see the final result.


Therefore, Blue de Genes select only the fabrics that can stand the test of time and will age beautifully upon wear to create garments that you collect and hold on to.



Let’s get rid of plastic

Since their foundation, Blue de Genes have only used buttons from natural resources. Like Buffalo horn and Corozo nut, which is used for all of the shirts. You will find no plastic buttons on these garments. Only natural materials from sustainable resources.

Last year, Blue de Genes replaced the used plastic shipment bags with recycled paper bags. A small step yes, but a step forward.

A sustainable journey

The next step as a brand is to introduce products made of more sustainable materials like recycled wool, cotton and other sustainable materials. Off course, without comprimizing on quality. The research have already been intensified on fabrics and the collaboration with suppliers so that all work towards a common goal.

There is still a long way to go but even the longest journey started with the first step.The journey has begun.

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