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Handmade shoes with character

Shoto boots - For the connoisseur already a term, for all others the insider tip par excellence when it comes to the finest handmade shoes with character. Inspired by fashion and contemporary art, Simone and Stefano Medori have been designing exceptional shoe collections under the Shoto name since 1991.

Vegetable tanned leathers of various types and origins are processed in an elaborate traditional process, creating unique pieces with an extraordinary patina and look. All shoes are produced in individual handwork in Italy, the folds are laid by hand. Although Shoto shoes have a rugged, gritty look, they are extremely comfortable, thanks to linings made of butter-soft calfskin. The leather soles are made of solid leather discs and are hand-finished.

Shoto shoes are the expression of the passion and enthusiasm of three generations of Italian craftsmanship - shoes of the highest quality.

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